A wealth of knowledge we'd like to pass to you

Anyone can "go for a walk" in the mountains in Britain in the summer. So why would you need to get any training?

The answer to that is very simple, with a little training you can learn things that will enhance your experience, allow you to walk more safely and use navigation skills that will enable you to find your way in the changeable British Weather!

Here at Skills for the Hills we have experienced the best and worst that the British hills can provide. Our knowledge of personal skills, equipment, route planning and navigation have been honed over 25 years.

What we can provide

At Skills for the Hills we can cater for almost any mountain walking needs you may have, for example we can help you to get, or improve your:-

    • Summer Walking Skills
    • Navigation Skills
    • Winter Walking Skills - including use of Ice Axe and Crampons
    • Winter Navigation Skills - dealing with the particular challenges faced in winter

    We can also offer training and assessment courses following the National Navigation Awards Scheme, at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

    If you just want a a one off great day out in the mountains then Skills for the Hills can provide you with a guide for the day who will take you to exciting, interesting and beautiful places!

    Our aim is simple, to help you to enjoy Britain's Mountains as much as we do!

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